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  • At Multibank security funds is our main focus. As our companies are regulated worldwide, in accordance with the regulations we need to uphold strict rules and obligations, offering our clients the highest level of funds security. Our clients can rest assured that their funds are highly secured as MultiBank complies with wide ranging security of funds requirements


  • As stipulated by the client money rules imposed on us by our regulators, Multibank companies are obliged to segregate all its retail clients’ funds from its own funds. All our client funds are held in separate bank accounts with the world’s top tier one banks.
  • MultiBank exercises all due skill, care and diligence in its selection, appointment and periodic review of third parties to which it deposits client money and/or assets. As such all client monies are held in the respective Client Money accounts of our regulated Companies at Barclays Bank PLC, Lloyds Bank PLC or NAB Bank.


Customer investments are guaranteed up to £50,000.00 per eligible claimant for financial losses in the unlikely event that MEX Europe Limited were to have any financial difficulty. The FSCS was setup under the Financial Services & Markets Act 2000 and guarantees all retail clients investments up to £50,000.


Trading Lines

MultiBank grants trading lines on foot of Bank Guarantees or Bonds issued to it. In such a manner the Customer Funds remains with the Customers Bank Accounts and the Customer can trade with the Trading Line given by Multibank to the Customer.



The funds are deposited with a reputable Custodial Financial institution both in the name of the Customer and MultiBank. Thereafter the Customer is given a Trading Line according to the amount of the funds deposited with the Custodial Financial Institution. At the end of settlement period, the Customers PL is calculated and settled either through the Custodial Financial Institution or by transfer directly to the Customer Bank Account.



Multibank offers institutional customers, brokers and banks a settlement facility to increase their level of funds security by fixing the Net Open Position Limited (NOP) on the Customers trading account. The settlement facility will facilitate the granting an agreed NOP limit with no margin check which will leverage up the trading account of the Customer and fix the NOP despite any market movements (changes to the P&L).