MultiBank offers individuals, introducing brokers, institutions and banks cutting edge ECN exchange execution, stable platforms and unbeatable pricing in the field of online financial trading in products, including but not limited to, Foreign Exchange, Metals (Gold & Silver), Contracts for differences (CFDs), Stock CFDs .



MultiBank provides forex trading in over 55 currency pairs including majors, cross currencies and exotic currencies. Our professional forex trading platforms offer direct access to top tier bank liquidity with instant and quality execution of the highest levels.




Trading stocks with MultiBank, maintains the traditional level of exposure and you only have to deposit a small percentage of the total trade value. All without having to pay us the total value of the stocks you are trading. With MultiBank you do not need to own the underlying asset over which the transaction is based but instead you make the cash difference in price between the opening and closing prices of the contract.




With a worldwide network of precious metals dealers, producers, consumers, and speculators, MultiBank brings a breadth of experience to our clients. Metals traders will have access to instant executions, position tracking, account management, narrow spreads, and first-ever market depth on bullion, among many other features.



Trading commodities with our platforms works in the same way as your other CFDs, namely by mirroring the price oscillations of the asset on the market. The price-movement of the commodity CFD tracks the movement of the related instrument so you can maximize your positions by trading on leverage, and it is a great way to diversify your investments or hedge against inflation.



Index CFDs work in the same way as your normal CFDs, namely by mirroring the price oscillations of the exchange-quoted related future. The price-movement of the Index CFD tracks the movement of the related future, and the difference between the current value and its value at a future time is exchanged into your account in the form of variation margin.



Our Bond CFDs give you the ability to leverage small price movements because of the margins at play. With margin requirements as low as 1%, our instruments make investing in bonds a much more worthwhile strategy. Trading bonds with our platforms works in the same fashion as with any of our other CFDs, namely by mirroring the price oscillations of bonds issued by businesses and governments on the market.


Full Technology Solutions

State-of-the-art trading platforms

New state-of-the-art ECN pool of liquidity, allows direct access to market execution from 18 major banks and LPs

Instant and Stable Nano-Second Execution

5 levels of Market Depth

Comprehensive set of products to include Forex, Metals, Commodities, Shares, Indices and Binary Options

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