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MultiBank Exchange Group Board


MultiBank Group Board of Directors

MultiBank is a confluence of technology, people and finance with numerous years of combined experience in technology, finance and trading, driven by entrepreneurial flair and a profound understanding of the financial market and technology.

In particular, MultiBank’s Board of Directors also has the support of seasoned and experienced teams who combine extensive experience alongside a carefully selected group of subordinates with know-how in trading, technology, operations, and finance.

One of the key factors contributing to the success of MultiBank is its uniquely talented and experienced Board of Directors. It is especially worth mentioning the following personnel conducting the main management of MultiBank:


Founder & Chairman of MultiBank Exchange Group: Naser Taher

Mr. Taher has over 28 years of unparalleled experience in the financial and commercial industries worldwide. He has worked with many of the major global financial institutions such as BNP Paribas, Barclays, UBS, Citibank, Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse and many others.

Mr. Taher is currently the Chairman of MultiBank. He is responsible for the complete management of the MultiBank Exchange Group and the development and marketing of the MultiBank brand name worldwide. He is also involved in a number of strategic governmental projects in China, Russia and Japan. In July 2013, Mr. Taher was appointed as the Honorary Chief Financial Advisor to the Chinese Government of Tianjin. He was also awarded the Honorary Tianjin Haihe Friendship Award the same year.


Chief Executive Officer of MEX Exchange (Australia): Jacob Nel

Having over 10 years’ experience in the financial sector in general and over 8 years’ experience in the forex industry in particular, Mr. Nel draws on his in-depth technical and commercial understanding of the international financial market from concept to implementation across industries such as liquidity provider, fund managers, multi-account traders and affiliate marketers. As the Chief Executive Officer of MEX Exchange, his role is focused on developing MultiBank footprint in the Australia financial market and globally.


Chief Executive Officer of MultiBank Exchange Group: Yahya Taher

Mr. Yahya Taher is one of the key driving forces in MultiBank since its establishment in 2005. He currently plays a pivotal role in the business development and strategic partnerships of MultiBank, in addition to being responsible for the overall operations functions including risk management, finance and back office. In 2010 and 2011, Mr. Taher was approved by the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) as a FC1 and CF3 where he served in London as a Managing Director handling all management, legal, compliance and accountancy matters. He currently serves as a Director of MEX Exchange and was approved by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (“ASIC”) as a responsible manager and Director.


Chief Operating Officer of MEX Exchange (Australia): Courtney Fitzsimmons

As the Chief Operating Officer at MEX Exchange, Ms. Fitzsimmons has over 9 years of experience in the Australian Financial Services Industry. Having experienced the industry’s rapid growth and development, Ms. Fitzsimmons has in-depth technical, commercial and internal compliance experience in the financial market from start-ups to well established financial companies. Her experience also includes budgeting, operations and business management.


Marketing Director of MultiBank Exchange Group: Sophia Barnes

Ms. Barnes joined MultiBank in 2012, and currently acts as the Marketing Director of the MultiBank Group of Companies. She is responsible for the marketing, branding, media relations and business development aspects of the Group and oversees an array of strategic projects for the firm. Ms. Barnes possess extensive marketing and project management experience in the financial services and technology industries, and has over 10 years’ experience in Asia Pacific region with a deep understanding of the local market.


Head of Chinese Sales of MultiBank Exchange Group: Michelle Yang

Ms. Yang graduated from Renmin University with a degree in Economics, and has accumulated over 10 years of sales management experience in the financial derivatives industry. Ms. Yang joined MultiBank in 2006 and holds the position Head of Sales in China. Her sales management skills and expertise win unanimous praise across the Board. During her term in office, she has successfully reached strategic cooperation partnership with a number of financial institutions, which gained wide variety of customers' recognition for our business such as white-label, API Bridge, and ECN trading.


Vice President of Sales of MultiBank Exchange Group: Marcus Ng

Mr. Ng graduated from the University of Sunderland with a degree in Marketing & Management. Mr. Ng has extensive experiences in the Financial Derivatives industry in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. He has an extremely successful sales record and possesses excellent client relationship management which has led to him being highly recognized by the MultiBank and the industry as a highly successful and valuable Vice President of Sales.


Chief Risk Officer of MultiBank Exchange Group: Salem Kattoura

Mr. Kattoura has over 10 years’ experience in the financial markets. Having gained a degree in Business Administration with Concentration in Financial Engineering and an Executive Masters in Financial Management from RSM alongside an array of certifications from industry related institutes, Mr. Kattoura has utilized his extensive industry experience and market knowledge in assisting MultiBank Exchange Group to maximize its profits through effective risk management systems. Mr. Kattoura is responsible for the management and oversight of the trading desk and its operations work flow. He has worked for a number of renowned Forex brokers and banks in the MENAT region proving to be a valuable asset to his team and the entire MultiBank operation.


Chief Information Office at MEX Exchange (Australia): Arthur Kbejan

As Chief Information Officer, Mr. Kbejan brings with him a wealth of experience of over 11 years. Having worked for well-known brokers globally such as, GFT Markets in London as Global lead for Onsite IT Systems, IT Director for Invast in Sydney and Operations Engineer at oneZero in London, Mr. Kbejan has decided to return to Sydney to relaunch our brands product offering with the best systems and liquidity available. As one of the most reputable IT Professionals within the derivatives industry, Mr. Kbejan constantly has his finger on the pulse to ensure that as our industry evolves, MultiBank is right there at the forefront.


Senior Technology Developer at MultiBank Exchange Group: Saleh Al Eit

Mr. Al Eit is a Senior Developer at MultiBank. Graduated from the Lebanese University - Faculty of Sciences in Beirut, he is experienced in providing A-Z solutions specific to the financial industry, with a passion for big data management, and building tailored business intelligence platforms. He is currently responsible for structuring, developing and evolving high quality, extensible solutions to meet business demand for information as well as managing all aspects of analysis and report development to facilitate operational, portfolio and financial reporting.


Institutional Business Officer at MultiBank Exchange Group : Dane Elliott

Graduating from Oxford University with a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science, Mr. Elliott has a strong quantitative background and a passion for data analysis. He is a fluent speaker of Japanese and Mandarin Chinese and has accumulated over 7 years' experience in East Asian markets. With a primary focus on mainland China, he has built up an extensive professional network in the region and has a proven track record of success working with key industry figures. Building on his wide range of experiences, Mr. Elliott has honed his leadership and communication skills leading a team of close to twenty sales representatives and specialists.


Operations Manager at MultiBank Exchange Group: Jennifer He

Having over 15 years of operational work experiences in major industries such as Financial Industry, Information Technology, Import/Export Trading, Ms. He has gained professional knowledge to ensure that business operations are efficient in terms of optimizing the process of converting inputs into outputs. Ms. He graduated from the University of Maryland Baltimore County majoring in Information Systems and Business Technology Administration. As the Operations Manager of MultiBank Exchange Group, Ms. He utilizes her skills in Business Administration to coordinate business interactions both internally and externally.


Chief Legal Officer at MultiBank Exchange Group : Nancy Li

Attorney Li is a P.R.C. Licensed Attorney having working experience both in a prestigious U.S. law firm and Chinese local law firms for 9 years. Her main practice areas include Corporate /Investment, PEF, Business lawsuit, Criminal lawsuit on Economic Crimes and Compliance/FCPA. Her working language is Chinese and English. In addition, she speaks French and German. She has been a representative in over 20 cases during her career.


Head of Products at MultiBank Exchange Group: Alexander Koronovsky

Mr. Koronovsky joined MultiBank in 2017 and is responsible for technological growth and new product development. With over 25 years’ experience in the Russian finance industry in general and the forex industry in particular, Mr. Koronovsky has worked in a wide range of roles, from currency trader and chief dealer of an investment bank to positions on the board of directors of top investment companies. A pioneer in the development of products for forex and derivative instruments for the OTC market, Mr. Koronovsky has been an active proprietary trader since 1996. He published a book in 2001 on the technical analysis of financial markets titled “A Brief Description of the RunFX Model”.


Head of Wealth Management at MultiBank Exchange Group: Nhi Giang

Ms. Giang has over 7 years of experience in Wealth Management and Banking where she specialized in financial planning, estate planning, and banking services for ultra-high net worth clients. Prior to joining Multibank Exchange Group, Ms. Giang has had the pleasure of working for many Global Financial Services Leaders: notably Hang Tang Wealth Management LLC in China, Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management, JPMorgan Chase Private Client and Bank of America Merrill Lynch in the United States. As the Director of Wealth Management, Ms. Giang works closely with the Senior Management Team to develop wealth management services, and implements team's business plan and strategies on how to identify opportunities with clients.

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